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June 12, 2012 9:50am CST
after my neighbor acted the way she did to my kid i had given up on all hope of becoming friends again. she really messed up but i also had decided that if she were to try to be friends again then we would have to have a serious talk about it. well last week i walked out to my car to get something no realizing she was picking up trash. well she actually talked to me to tell me to clean up my back yard and i asked what was wrong with it because i was at grandmas the night before. well she told me and we talked about the pool because i dont have the right kind of pool for out here. then we talked about filling it up to warm it up before i let them in it. then we talked about a few radom things about yards and the neighbors putting stuff in the tree down the hill. after that i texted her a little later to tell her about my daddy and ask her to pray for him. she actually answered but only with prayers going up i texted her back and said thank you. other than all that that is all we have talked but she has started to tell my husband hey when they walk past each other in the path or she is out back. we seem to think that she is slowly trying to work things out but i am not sure. atleast she talked to me instead of another warning those were making me mad lol. guess we will see in the upcoming weeks/months what happens but she is going to have to hear me out about what she did!!
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@Lorden (348)
• South Africa
12 Jun 12
I haven't followed your entire story, but I do know how difficult it is to stay mad at people forever! Some people may find it easy, but I just don't have a knack for staying angry indefinitely. Whenever I've been angry at people, I probably would be the first to talk to them, sometimes to a fault. You just know they were just waiting for you to be nice first, so they can throw it back in your face! :) Well, that's interaction with people, what can we do.
• United States
12 Jun 12
that is about like i was. i made it a point not to talk to her 1st because i wasnt in the wrong and i wasnt backing down. we had an arguement over something stupid and it just kept getting worse. she was acting very childish and she use to say that whatever the adults problems were wouldnt affect the kids but they were put in the middle and she blew them off. there is a long list of things she has done but she was a very close/good friend of mine. i was very mad and i still am mad at what she did but i can be friends with her again just not as close as before. i usually have a hard time staying mad at someone also but when it comes to my kids i can hold a grudge for a long time lol.