Other way to become athletic without fitness ?

June 13, 2012 12:17pm CST
Can you help me to subscribe anything about this topic. because i want to became athletic but don't have time to fitness and don't have mood to sport at home like sit up / push up. any suggestion?
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@Lorden (348)
• South Africa
13 Jun 12
Well, seeing as exercise and sports are exactly what makes you athletic, I'm not quite sure how you want to become athletic without it. Do you have even just a little time for exercise?
19 Jul 12
I agree with Lorden that exercise is necessary to become athletic. However, perhaps you can modify some aspects of your daily routine to be more inclusive of exercise without requiring too much extra time. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk or bike whenever you can instead of drive.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
13 Jun 12
The problem is, what you deal with. Overweight or too slim? For overweight, eating was the main problem. Try to reduce consuming heavy food that contains fats and colesterol. Hungry is your main problem, so change to comsume food with less fats and colesterol but will stay long enough in your stomach. Also the food or drink that said could burn the fats. You could search it online. For too slim, egg (the white only), specially duck's egg have been believe in my country could help you out. Better to ask the experts, cause thats only what I have heared.
• Uganda
13 Jun 12
I do not count push ups and sit ups as sports, although you can may consider them as such. To become athletic, you must do athletic things. I suggest weightlifting. You can spend less than 1 hour a day doing weightlifting and still become strong. And you only have to lift 2 or 3 days a week. If you do not even want to spend 2 hours a week doing exercise then I don't see how you can become athletic.