sleepiness during worship time?

June 13, 2012 6:35pm CST
Me, myself admit that sometimes when I'm attending worship I feel so sleepy the whole time but after that when worship done I'm not sleepy anymore. And I hate feeling sleepy during the time that I'm in the church. WHAT SHOULD I DO ?
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• United States
14 Jun 12
i dont go to church as much as i use to but when i was going there were times that i was extremely tired during the service but then again i dont sleep much at night. my husband is always tired in church and we cant figure out why. he didnt grow up going to church so that may be the case. for me to overcome the sleepiness i would chew gum or i would have a pencil and peice of paper and i would doodle a small picture to get my mind moving again and i was still able to listen to what the preacher was trying to say.
• Philippines
14 Jun 12
All believers of God have that same problem. So i asked my pastor why that is happening. His answer is "You get sleepy during worship time because Satan is attacking you." So i guess the solution for that problem is to motivate yourself that Satan is the one causing you to get sleepy and pray to God that you can overcome that temptation. You can do it because i overcame it and since i overcame it, i have never been the same. I don't feel sleepy anymore. Have a great day my friend.