turn of the TV as i will listen to the CD player

@hotsummer (10449)
June 13, 2012 11:28pm CST
so my mom asked me to turn off the tv i am watching. so i have no choice than just turn it off. i am not really fond of tv. but i was enjoying this show featuring some rare animals being domestically raise by some residents. the eagles were so lovely and the deers also. i feel like buying those eagles but of course it is not allowed. as they should roam freely in their natural habitats. but since those people taking care of those rare animals were living near those mountainous places that they can easily buy them from people living up in the mountains and selling those rare animals to earn some money. most people who sell them are somewhat like the ethnic people in the philippines who does not have any means of earning money. anyway, i wish i can have them but travelling on plane to the city bringing such prohibited animals would difficult and would cause me to be apprehended whatever way i travel. so it was just a wish. i don't plan to do that. it was just playing on my mind how i should travel to avoid detection i am carrying those protected animals.
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