First day at school..

June 14, 2012 1:27am CST
Today is the first day at school for my neighbour's child. Being an active girl, I thought she would enjoy going to school. She even went happily to the school. But after going to school she had started to cry and it had been a tough time for her mom to control her. She was crying the whole day at school. Have you experienced this with your kid or with your neighbour's child?
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@kkaria309 (297)
• United States
14 Jun 12
I think maybe she was secure in her home environment and feels uncomfortable when she had to go out of it. If she had been a shy and quiet child, she would have accepted going to school and done nicely. But being an active, playful child, she was very happy with her life, and suddenly, being in school, she is feeling insecure and unhappy. I think she just needs a few days to get used to her new environment, and when she makes some new friends at school, she will be comfortable again. Then it will be difficult to get her away from those friends. I went through this, not with a neighbor's child, but myself. I was a very active child too, but became nervous in school and cried a lot on my first day. It was just too unfamiliar that's it, she will be fine. Just make sure she keeps going to school, otherwise she will never work up the courage to make any friends there.