Love at first sight does exist?

@IAmNena (178)
June 14, 2012 4:26am CST
I've read a trivia about love at first sight (It's true,I'm not making it up I just forgot the link LOL) It says that when a guy first sight of you lasted more than a whole 10 secs. it means the guy loves you.But not sure how many secs. will last for girl,while if you're curious about my opinion.You can't love a person at the first sight,you like only like them because of their appearance,though love means you keep on thinking of that person.Well it rarely happens if you keep on thinking of a person you haven't met yet. Any opinions are welcome! :)
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20 Jun 12
I'm pretty unsure myself because it hasnt happen to me yet. But I was watch something on tv and they were reading out letters or somethin i dont remember that clearly because i was just brozing through. one of the letter asked the same question. The discussed how its likely that a guy can easily know that he loves you, the first time he sees you. But of course thats only true if its the type of guy thats actually looking for true love and is willing to do anything for it. As for me i still dont know if this theory is true :)
• Indonesia
14 Jun 12
If you heve never met, to love someone who does not yet know it's very difficult. Compared to love someone we already know, :) Previously, greetings. :)
• Philippines
14 Jun 12
Love at first sight is really possible especially when that human possesses all the qualities you've been actually looking for. But mostly, infatuation is seen wrong and claiminng it as love. You can know that you love a person after a span of time. In general, Love at first sight is normally an infatuation. :D
@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
14 Jun 12
i don't think that love at first site exists due to the face to really love someone, you have to get to know them first. what comes first is the attraction.
@zhihao12 (364)
• Singapore
14 Jun 12
Of couse it exist! It just depend on what kind of love you are talking about. In this case, i doubt the "love" at first sight will be a true love that last.
@lifejoy (41)
• India
14 Jun 12
love at firstsight is when som1 seen som1 not talks a single time.than they not met for saveral years.then still person is in thought of that person its called love at first sight