June 14, 2012 7:28am CST
The number of articles about cannibals is quite a number. It really sounds scary and alarming too. Has anybody of you guys heard of that guy in America who was overdosed and ate a beggar? How about that guy in Canada? It creeps me out thinking of how can a person eat one another...I'd rather die than taste flesh of my kind. Really creepy!
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• United States
16 Jun 12
hi cleverland! this is way creepy, even for the pysychoartist who generally is attracted to creepy , spooky and forensic...when i was a child, my father had a friend who was a missionary to papua,new guineau, and he visited in our home...he told us that the natives there had quite a reputation for cannibalizing against missionaries but that he had never had a problem and was quite lucky...he told us the people there ate a lot of sweet potatoes instead...
@adforme (2116)
15 Jun 12
Recent events have brought cannibalism to the spotlight. I am aware that it is quite normal in some cultures, and even I would like to do research. Some books have been offered as testimony to such ways. It is something I do not think I could do simply because of the thought of it. I guess it would be interesting to know what others are thinking when they cannibalize.
@LovelyxOdd (1201)
• United States
14 Jun 12
My husband mentioned numerous cases of cannibalism in the news in the past few weeks. It's really strange and disgusting. I don't understand what's wrong with these people. Maybe that's the thing, there is something seriously wrong with them in order for them to be able to do that. Ewww.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
14 Jun 12
Oh that's a lovely thought and really, as if we did not have enough sadistic vices as humanity, here is another kind. Then again, there are animals that eat their own but I would like to think that we were a bit more higher up the list a lot of the time. Given that I have accidentally bit myself a couple of times, human flesh doesn't taste right, I could scarcely ingesting it. Then again, I'm sure cannibalism has happened a lot in the past, it just seems to get brought up a lot lately for some reason. Most likely given some of the weird stories that surround it, like getting high on bath salts. It is another thing to panic us for, but really there is a lot of insanity. This however seems to top the chart of things we should rather not think about.
@zhihao12 (364)
• Singapore
14 Jun 12
Yes its definitely scary even at the thought of it happening to you. While it may seem incredible for someone to eat your flesh, but at the same time it is nothing special if you think about how animals too consume their own kind at times of desperation.