Why is it that you have to be living on the street to get welfare?

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November 21, 2006 12:15pm CST
God. I just applied for food stamps and medical assistance. There's 2 other people in my house. But it seems I make too much money to get medical. The limit is $400/mo. WTF! Who makes that kinda money. It seems to me that you have to be living on the street to get any help. I got the food stamps for like a month cause after my fiance starts his job next week we probably won't get them anymore. anyone else agree or have this problem??
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28 Sep 07
i havent applied for food stamps recently but when my daughter was born and my husband was the only one working he was working his butt off just to pay the utlities and rent, i also applied ofr medicad and wic... at the time he made $1 over the maixum amount each week for assitance!! $1~~ ridicoulus.... well since hes gotten a better paying job and we have things now, and yet we still struggle... i qualify now for wic because i am pregnant with twins, but if it was just one baby we wouldnt qualify?! crazy! i just applied for fuel assitance and plan on filing for food stamps once again , but i have a feeling we will get denined because i just got denined for my daughter to get free hot lunch at school because he makes $49 more a week for a maxium of a family for 3!! They dont take in account neccsities of life.. a car is a nesscitiy when you have bills to pay, you have a job to go to , doctors appointments etc.. when you have a child a car is a necsity!! they dont take that in to consideration... i know of a few people that dont need welfare, but qualify!!! how is that possible?? what about people that dont want to work and they are just poopping out kids just to rely on the goverment?? its not fair to those of us who could use the extra help.. im not saying i want to live the rest of my life on welfare.. i just need a little help right now while we are struggling... and the people that are collecting to sit at home and not even try are sucking it all in up!??