Two butterflies mating

June 14, 2012 10:35am CST
Yesterday while walking in Bell Fountain park I saw two butterflies mating in the tracks. Its not that I never knew butterflies had mate, I just never saw it before. was a first for me. This is so funny. it was so beautiful to watch because I love nature and I love butterflies. lol, yeah I know that kinda sounds creepy and weird "watching the insects mating" but you had seen it you would have stayed to watch too. The pic is not my profile,check it out.
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@simonelee (2718)
• China
21 Jun 12
I saw the photo and yes they are mating. I've seen it a lot since half of my spend at the farm. Usually male butterflies find females by sight, and use chemicals called pheromones at close range. If the female accepts the male, they couple end to end and may go on a short courtship flight. They may remain coupled for an hour or more, sometimes overnight. The male passes a sperm packet called a spermatorphore to the female. The sperm then fertilize each egg as it passes down the female's egg-laying tube. When i was a little i don't watch them mating, since i'm not aware of it and thought they're fighting i destruct them.