I was supposed to work more...

June 14, 2012 6:08pm CST
Last night, I opened my laptop to do some work online. While waiting, I decided to close my eyes for a bit nap. But when I woke up, it was already morning and my laptop is still on and running. My worry was it was plugged in and it's in my bed beside me. So glad it didn't overheat. Maybe I was just too tired but next time I won't take a nap anymore while I am using my computer. Have you ever experienced the same? Do you take a nap while using your computer and then what happened when you did?
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• Philippines
16 Jun 12
No i haven't experienced that kind of situation. My parents are strict so I would not make things which will make their patience fall :D hahaha It seems you are really working hard online ,, me too, but I make sure that I 'll have enough rest and sleep :)
23 Jun 12
sometimes, it is good that parents are always there to remind us. I often heard before from my mom if she knew that I'm still awake late at night to take my sleep already.. well I think I'm not working so hard, I'm busy during day time and I can only do some work online at night time.. good for you you still ensure your complete rest and sleep. still working on that, would like to improve myself more on that category.
• Philippines
23 Jun 12
in fact, sleeping is my hobby hehe.. This also causes me to swallow my time allocated for study, so i'm prone to cramming. I'm not a hardworker at night because i have brothers and sister who are at that time, are all in the house and i couldn't push myself to work coz they will also use the internet. Luckily, i'm the only person here having a halfday school time, that's why i can work in the afternoon.
23 Jun 12
sleeping is a good hobby sometimes coz while we sleep our cells work well to repair some damage tissues but in your case I think you are having more than enough. You should try to follow your schedule in your study or else it could affect your grades. good for you, you have enough time to work online.
• India
29 Jun 12
I too have experienced like this a number of times. When i am working with computer during night time, i sleep unknowningly wihtout shutting down the computer. Also when i need to download a file with large size, i give download in overnight and it will be completed when iook up in the morning.
30 Jun 12
it's a good thing that nothing bad is happening every time you leave your computer on during night. But for safety reasons, we shouldn't do this thing. I learned a big lesson and wouldn't wait for a bad thing before I change this habit.
@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
23 Jun 12
This never happened with me, because I rarely fall asleep when I'm using my notebook, it only happened while I was watching TV. I always turn off my notebook before taking a nap. But, I don't think it would happen something because after a few minutes without any action, my notebook just turn off.
23 Jun 12
yes, if we set up the our computer's timer sleep then it won't happen but still what you are doing is right, turning off your notebook before sleeping is a safe thing. We often heard tv that is left open but didn't explode but we all knew that laptop could explode when it overheat and could lead to fire. I heard a news about this incident so now I won't do it again.
@airasheila (5458)
• Philippines
15 Jun 12
good day jobfindonline, with reference to your topic discussion, well, it happens to me many times as i do always left my laptop running and open. thank God that there is a sleep set-up timer on laptop and because of this, the machine somehow get rested. on my part here, though i left my laptop open, i always make sure that it was properly placed in the designated table hence, i never put my machine in my bed.
23 Jun 12
but stil leaving our laptop running while sleeping is not a good idea. so we both should turn it off wheever we feel sleepy. apart from it's an added expense, it's an added risk as well that could endanger not only our lives but all the people around us if worst thing occured.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
14 Jun 12
In my many years of using a computer and some experience in using a lap top I have never ever fallen asleep at it. I actually felt so tired that i could, but just shut it off and went to bed or something. I have this thing about leaving TV's or computers on and going to sleep with it on. I must turn it off first. I'm glad your lap top didn't overheat, that could get risky for a laptop, they do overheat quite easily sometimes. Be careful. Hope you got some adequate sleep for now.
15 Jun 12
yeah I'm really thankful it didn't overheat so I really learned a big lesson from that. I will shutdown my computer before I take a nap. I'm lack of sleep and felt so tired I guess. I think I'll try to sleep earlier. Thanks