How to correct my weakness in my badminton skill?

June 14, 2012 9:56pm CST
during my daily practice,my teacher give me some tips about how to correct my weakness. first,i should determine what i need to improve by analysing my performance in the daily practice. second, i should devise a technical skill practice.third,i should practise until the required standard is attained. dear friends, what about you during the badminton practice?
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@mengze (3)
• China
10 Nov 12
just as you said above, you should know what you need to improve first. And maybe a partner could give you some useful suggestions.
@youless (94190)
• Guangzhou, China
6 Sep 12
If you want to improve your badminton skill, you shall find a good opponent. You will find that you learn a lot when you play the badminton together. Besides, watch more videos about the professional badminton players' matches. You can also learn from it. I love China
@lampar (7597)
• United States
15 Jun 12
First of all, in order to become a good badminton player you have to build up your stamina, so that you can endure the long hours of play time against your opponent. After you acquire that, you need to work on your techniques like how to execute a powerful smash, control near net hit, raise the start, volly around the court with corner shot to wear off your opponent during the match. You need an experience player with you to pinpoint some of your short coming during the training session and friendly game, you will get improvement over time if you adopt my advice immediately.
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
15 Jun 12
It's great that you have a badminton teacher to guide you and train you to help you improve. I don't have that luxury as you do, but I just play badminton for the fun and pleasure of playing, and not so much for competition. The three steps that you have pointed out are the main ways you can adopt to improve. I do know that most world class players have sparring partners to improve, learn from each other and build each other up skillfully and technically. Perhaps you could find someone to be your regular sparring partner in your quest to improve your badminton skill.