Total War Series

@iCeeLuSh (187)
June 15, 2012 3:29pm CST
Which of the Total war series is the best for you? For me its the Napoleon Total War (for Europe Part) and Shogun 2 Total War (For Asian part). Why Napoleon Total War? Because it is much better than it predecessor like Empire Total War. Much better graphics and good looking units. But i like Empire Total War campaign map because it is much more bigger it include America and the Indian Continent in its Grand Campaign which is a lot more exciting to play unlike its counterpart the Napoleon the campaign is divided into many divisions and it is more mainly on missions. You can also travel using your trading ship to different parts of trading areas in the map. For Shogun 2 well of course i love close to close combat fighting rather than using guns to your opponent. It is more thrilling to play close quarter combat or man to man combat unlike its counter part Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai is more on guns but it includes foreign countries in the game which is will adds up heat to the game. You can run the game without buying the Shogun 2 Total war . So for short its a stand alone expansion which will save you some bucks. Also both of them had different storyline but its mainly focus is in Japan.
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