I still have to work on Father's day

United States
June 15, 2012 11:22pm CST
I thought I can get this Sunday off, so I would take my father and mom to a restaurant to celebrate Father's day. This plan probably have to cancel, since my part - time job manager just asked me this afternoon, that I still have to work on Sunday evening. For the money's sake, I take that offer, and I might have to re -schedule with my family to celebrate Father's day. As matter of fact, I can take my father and mom to a restaurant tomorrow morning, but I just afraid they have different schedule of their own. Anyway, for those who doesn't need to work on Sunday, take your parents for a good treat.
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• India
20 Jun 12
I am little sad to know that you manager had changed all you plans of fathers day. Anyway we have to in with our job we cannot restrict it. Finally you had taken a great decision, changing your plan for the next day is really great idea. I hope you will a lot of fun and smile. All the best!
• United States
16 Jun 12
I am sorry you cannot get Father's Day off. I know it is hard to get a day off from work and I know how it feels to need money. Randy and I have been struggling ourselves and my parents claim they need money, but they seem to be able to spend money like it is going out of style. I am not sure what we will be doing for Father's Day yet. It depends on what my sister is doing. She will probably come over and boss everyone around like she did on Mother's Day.
@Harold_ks (1674)
16 Jun 12
I just saw a girl this afternoon treating her parents on a restaurant, ordering a lot of foods, and I heard her greeting her father a "happy father's day!". I find it so sweet. I hope I still have a father but unfortunately he already passed away 12 years ago. I'm sorry to know that you have to work on father's day, maybe you can just treat your father on the nearest vacant day for both of you. Good day!
@davaome (1828)
• Philippines
16 Jun 12
When I'm on duty, We don't have day offs, so our free time is our holiday, so working on special days isn't really something new to me. but if I'm on vacation, all special days are for my family. Everybody should too. Don't worry kingparker, I'm sure your parents will understand your situation, just make it up to them on the next possible free time that you have with them, even if it isn't a holiday, just have your own "family day" to enjoy.
@cloud31 (5811)
16 Jun 12
I don't have a dad to treat during fathers day now..But I will still be visiting him somewhere else.Its sad when missing someone this kind of occasions. Anyway, though you still have to work during fathers day since we can't have choice but to do our duties still wishing you a happy fathers day... and that you will have a good time. Have a nice day!
• United States
16 Jun 12
I will be with adrain for fathers day. I don't have anything planned but we will be together.