I like to read about life royal family in the past.

June 15, 2012 11:24pm CST
The stories about royal family in the past are always attractive me. I like to read about Kings, Queens, Princes, Princess and all about life in palace. The royal has lost about over 60 years. So, their life is attractive. I really want to know how they lived in the past. How about you? Are you interested in the royal?
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@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
20 Jun 12
hi tkonlinevn. I reslly had never given it a thought but to be honest I would like to start reading about ROYAL FAMILIES I am sure their life is exciting and then again it may be boring to have someone do everything for them. I might start feeling a little prodigious...lol
• United States
20 Jun 12
hello tkonlinevn! i am like you and have always been interested in royal families and their lives...i like the idea and romance of living in castles and palaces and seeing their clothes, and things of that nature...i really liked princess diana and i have read a lot about the british royal family from the time of queen victoria...i do not know a lot about the ones who came before her..it is interesting that queen victoria had so many children who married into other royal families in europe that at one time all of the european royal families were related...this was unfortunate during world war one when the king of england, the kaiser of germany, and the csar of russia were all cousins and ended up with their countries fighting each other...i have read letters in which they all tried very hard to prevent the war and addressed each other as cousin, it is very sad what happened to the kaiser and his family...i am also a fan of princess grace of monaco who was american actress grace kelly...she appeared in a lot of my favorite films by alfred hitchcock...i always have admired her fashion style...i think some people scoff and think it is frivolous to be interested in royal families but i do not agree...i think by studying them you can learn a lot about history, social history, culture and even fashion!
@dream_ozn (1758)
• Singapore
19 Jun 12
definitely, it is really interesting to hear about royal families. their way of living and the way things operating in palace. the royal has lost over 60 years? i think there are still places where there are prince and princess and king!
@luxlyangels (1286)
16 Jun 12
Well royal stories are fairy tale stories, what you see on the outside aint really what's going on, on the inside, its just like the life of a celebrity, they put on a show for us, and we watch it everyday. And about the ones in the past, well hitorians and researchers add a little spice to make them heroes, loved, and highly respected. So, am actually not interested in them even though some of them may be very nice.