June 16, 2012 1:37am CST
My daughter is turning into lady. Hurray! I'm excited. But there are always problems that arise. Her forehead became home of lots of blackheads. I don't want her to use facial washes or creams or beauty soaps yet because she's still too young. Those blackheads destroys her beauty. What should I do?
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@rkennedee (333)
16 Jun 12
Your daughter is now on her teenage life. I don't think letting her use beauty soap or facial wash would harm her skin. There are a lot of hypoalergenic facial wash out there in the market and maybe now is the time foy her to use it rather than having unpleasant blackheads and pimples which will lead to scar and that is really very unpleasant. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.
• Philippines
16 Jun 12
She's only 11. She is blooming very early. But yes, that hypoallergenic thing. I'll find one in the market. Thanks for your suggestion.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
18 Mar 13
yes that is true that we should not use any soap or cream to our face in that age because it is still sensitive during that time,and that age usually blackheads and pimples arise while become a teenager,i think you should use natural way to remove them.
@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
15 Feb 13
We have the same problem with our ten-year-old. In fact I have posted a new discussion on this and I am hoping to get good answers.
@oldchem1 (8144)
16 Jun 12
Firstly I wouldn't make to much of these blackheads to your daughter; you do not want to make her more self conscious about them.They are not caused as some people think by not washing properly they are in fact a type of acne which are most common in people with an oily or combination skin. The best way to treat blackheads is to ensure that your daughter cleans her face with a good cleanser, ideally she should use one for oily skin, such as a salicylic acid cleanser. Also a good medication will help, but you should really consult a pharmacist or doctor about the best. Remember though, she is still a beautiful young lady so don't draw too much attention to the problem.
@dansazz (1059)
• United States
16 Jun 12
I think that you just contradicted yourself there. Do you really think that they destroy her beauty? isn't she beautiful no matter what? And if she is turning into a lady, and old enough for blackheads, then why is she too young for facial washes and beauty soaps? You said her beauty is being destroyed, so wouldn't you want to use beauty soaps to prevent that? I'm not sure I understand your logic.