My Husband Loves Jjampong

June 16, 2012 2:01pm CST
Jjampong is a popular Korean spicy seafood noodle soup. Seafood and other meat are mixed with noodles to come up with a tasty treat. "Jjampong" is said to be a Japanese word "mix" but the noodle soup evolved and became popular in Korea. My husband loves jjampong and other Korean soup so everytime we go to groceries, he always grabs some packs of Korean noodles and cook them especially during rainy midnights. I love noodles too but I can't stand Korean noodles because of their spicy ingredients. how about you? Do you love jjampong?
5 responses
25 Jul 12
I don't like. so spicy
• Philippines
20 Jun 12
I also love jampong its really delicious .
• United States
16 Jun 12
Never had it but what kind of restaurants make it?
• India
16 Jun 12
I've never heard of Jjampong , to be honest I'm not sure how one might pronounce that. But I do like spicy food and I also like noodle soup . The way you described it it actually sounds something I would like to try . As for not liking spicy food , I think its all about getting one's tongue used to it and once it does , you might actually start to miss it so even if you get used to it you might start appreciating variety of extremely spicy foods but it might make food with mellow flavors seem much different not sure if good or bad , but definitely different.
• United States
16 Jun 12
I am not sure what it is, but is sounds delicious. I love to here about other cultures and their food. The spicy ingredients it what makes it stand out. I hope to try it one day.