Confusing Medical Bills!

@NailTech (6890)
United States
June 16, 2012 3:47pm CST
I have been having some medical tests done for my health problems and they have me going for yet more blood work, X-rays and an EKG later in the month as a "prep" for my surgery in July, again! OMG... The bills for the other tests have been coming in and I'm getting so confused on how to pay them and if I already paid them, etc. Do you have any kind of system that helps you organize medical bills that pop in at any given time? I'm in medical bill h*e*l*l right now, and I'm sure there's more of this to come, for the rest of the year. This is the year I never want to repeat for sure. I have no idea why I have to get more of those blood tests and such done at the end of the month, I'm so sick of this already. Then I have to pay another $300. to the DR before surgery in July. The DR., the medication they give me and the anesthesia won't be covered at all. I'm told it will otherwise be 20% off. But I'm still confused on how to go about this all, and in July it will be even more confusing while I'm trying to recoop after the surgery. Life just stinks for me right now. On top of this, I worry about my parents, dad has lots some weight again and he is using a came to walk with. I think I feel the worst I have ever felt in my life these days.
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• India
16 Jun 12
You could start using generic medicines by , they don't have any particular branding on them but they are exactly the same. The doctors might recommend a particular brand mostly because the commission they might be provided to encourage the use of one particular brand. The difference in cost that I have observed is up to : 75%. Its not a discount the retail price may be as low as that. I am not sure if your city might have that but you can ask the chemists or someone else who might know about such things.