Is it really possible to hack any facebook or gmail account ?

June 18, 2012 1:36pm CST
Before some days, I was reading an article where it was written how to hack any gmail or facebook accounts through various kinds of commands of JAVA and all. I read the whole article, it seemed so easy, but I know the truth that its not so easy as it was looking. But yeah, on the other hand, I have heard from many of my friends that they have hacked this and that facebook account. But I never asked them about the procedures. I am here to ask you all that is it really so easy and does any one know here how to hack these accounts? NOTE - I am just asking for my knowledge. And my friends used to hack facebook accounts of our friends only and that too in a joking mood. There's nothing of my wrong intention in it. Please donot get me wrong. Thank you.
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@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
18 Jun 12
It possible to hacked account those sites (facebook and Gmail) .... I already hacked someone facebook account twice but never done it on Gmail (I don't have reason for it). I hacked someone account in facebook because he / she attack me first, so I think this like invitation to war. I can't tell you how (it would be criminal) but in facebook, the easiest way is through link. Secondly through game and third through fake banner. For Gmail, keylogger it would effective .... Note: Hacked email through Facebook is common these days because most people link their email directly to their Facebook, So ...... be careful ....
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
19 Jun 12
Awww...then i should be careful with my facebook and Gmail is not safe at all...
@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
18 Jun 12
Hi sonaimajumdar, I have never heard of anyone doing this but I trully believe that its possible to do almost anything on the computer..The mind of a theft is never idle...
• India
19 Jun 12
Yeah you are right. Not only on computer, but there is nothing impossible in this world. And by the way, my mind is not a mind of a thieve so I think it is idle. haha.
@gmkumar08 (396)
• India
25 Aug 12
Yeah,i too heard of this earlier,i think the only possible way to do this is to perform an attack,most commonly referred to as phishing.But,i have no idea how this is done,and even not 100% sure if this works.But,i hope you are aware that this is illegal.If you are willing to take the risk,then GOOD LUCK,my friend.
@samzls (22)
• France
20 Jun 12
Of course it is possible to do that, but most working methods are either fixed, or secretly kept by their owners...i mean if they told everybody, ti would get fixed far too quickly