Great! I met my old friends again in Toy Con 2012

Pasay, Philippines
June 18, 2012 3:23pm CST
I love it. LOLZ. There are a lot of things that I really love during last 3 days, from Friday (Pizza lunch with my team and other group members) and my old friends lost eight years ago. LOLZ. It was really mixed emotions to know how my friends were doing, starting from the one's alive to those who passed away. There are good people in the cosplay community who dies due to illness, well; given that everyone will be taken away from Earth and be in a better place. I also met my ex-boyfriends during the con. but the funny part here is we sat and talk a lot of things and became one of my members in the group and it is really great to have them back as friends. For me, being friends with an ex is a proof that both of you are matured enough to accept the fact that you can't be together forever. LOLZ. I've also met new friends, foe of my friends (whom I became my alliances eventually; hey; it doesn't mean that they're the enemy of my friends makes me angry to them, too) They have their grounds and they do have their limitations. i'm hoping that everything will be settle down and everything will be fine :) In general, I met my friends again; eight years running and this is one of the finest conventions of my time as a cosplayer (although weird; I didn't cosplay or tried to this time... Just being me... in my original, personal characetr as Cx0 Sama)
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• United States
18 Jun 12
Spending time with good friends is always a good thing. I know I will see some of my friends when I move back to my home town this summer. I will enjoy getting together with one for sure. she will be able to come to and from my place now that we share the same town.