they dnt wont me to tell the truth

United States
June 19, 2012 3:03am CST
i dnt knw why my family dnt want me to be my self they dnt want me to tell what is going on in the family but they can tell what the next person is doing and like to lie on me and put me in everthing i dnt care about and they tell me who i can be with and who i cnt now you tell me what you think about that let me knw how you feel about it and they like to make things up tht is nt true i dnt get it tell me wht you think is wrong with this i dnt have to be around and the only thing i here is my name and they give me crzy looks like i done something and the one tht is doing is my grandmother im getting sick of her talking to her is like talking to my self and she think it is fun but i dnt
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