Possible IT Thesis Topics

@fheroan (619)
June 20, 2012 5:53am CST
Hi guys, I need a little help... We need to propose like three topics for our thesis.. I'm currently a senior student taking up Information Technology and so we are required to propose "challenging" topics that we can develop in the next few months.. we mainly deal with software right now.. We wanted to make innovations like something concerned with hardware or gadgets, but the problem is, we're all IT students in the group.. It would have been better if there was an electronic engineer.. we had already one topic, so we need two more interesting ones.. preferably web applications.. but we can do mobile applications or stand alone applications(something you don't really need to connect to the network)If you ever have like wished something, like you wanted a feature for this website or application or you want something like enhancement on a software that could give us more idea in making our thesis proposals, then that would be great.. Have a nice day to everyone :)
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@gjabaigar (2202)
• Philippines
20 Jun 12
How about first is to make your group to have a mind settings or make a theme for your group or just like a team building workshop. To be more creative and to make more ideas dynamically. Like, pretending your group as an professional IT company specialists or consultants with clients. Clients like with for a small or large enterprises businesses, private or government branches or agencies. And of course you know, your company need visions and missions. Your thesis needs contents of bright, new, creative and innovative ideas, designs and plans. My suggest contents like - data out sourcing - connecting people by individual or group or company or enterprise. Like clients to suppliers. Company's human resource managements. - accounting, budgeting, financing and auditing - monitoring projects, operations, productions and etc.
@alphenor (687)
• Philippines
20 Jun 12
Thinking about something that you would like to exist but isn't currently existing might help you in creating a thesis problem. The same reason why I pursued the Computer Science course - because there were too few softwares that would have helped me when I was in high school.