Future predictions!

@swapmind (357)
June 20, 2012 3:16pm CST
My sister is undergoing lots of problems in her married life.The reason is mismatch of mindset and over-aggressive nature of her husband.This has even landed in physical,verbal and domestic abuse.Dialogue did work,counselling did work and she is in big confusion of what next?One of her friend took her to an astrologer who told her that there is a lot of problem in her horoscope and her stars are not supporting her.Her partners life is smooth and starts support him but if she will walk out of marriage she will have more problems with the other guy.She is in big depression and i feel helpless to make her realize that no one on this earth can predict future.I want her back to life at any cost,what should i do.Her husband is a man with sick ideology,not ready to understand the value of peaceful life,she is unable to bear an unexpected life??????
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• India
21 Jun 12
Quarrels are common in life and we must face them in our life. As brother you can just pray to god to give her the best of her life. This is what you can do as a good brother. I hope god will surely help her becuase god cannot give up the tears of a good brother.
@mensab (4206)
• Philippines
20 Jun 12
you are right. what is going on must be stopped. she must live in the present. i think if you can have an elder whom she respects a lot, then there is a chance that she can be augur to new scheme of things. do not dwell on her immediate needs. just try to understand her by listening. do not argue with her because she becomes stubborn if you do.