He Worries A Lot...

United States
June 20, 2012 10:19pm CST
My boyfriend seems to worry a lot when it comes to me going off to college. He feels that he won't be able to talk to me as much as he used to because of my school work... I keep trying to reassure him that it most likely won't be as bad as he thinks, and there are many ways for him to get in touch with me and the same goes for my family. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't believe me when I try to tell him, and at times I feel a little upset because of that... Should I be worried that he worries so much? Or should I just keep trying to convince him that things will be alright in the end?
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@GemmaR (8526)
21 Jun 12
This is normal to go through, and I had the same worries when I first moved to University. I had only just got with my partner then, three years ago, and I didn't think that I would want a long distance relationship. However, we stayed together, worked it through, and we're still happy together three years later. If you are meant to be together then you will be able to work through this change, and if you don't manage to stay together than it just wasn't to be in the first place which is a little bit sad, but just something that happens in life.
• United States
25 Jun 12
Thank you Gemma. I really want to be able to stay in touch with him while I'm living on campus at my university, so we started coming up with plans together. Hopefully things will work out, and I thank you so much for your advice. :)
• United States
5 Jul 12
Just keep reassuring him that everything will be ok. When I went away to school my bf and I had only been dating a few months. His previous gfs had cheated on him and left him not trusting girls. So at first, he was terrified that I'd go away to school and meet someone else. I just reassured him and we talked every single day when I was at school. I ended up moving back home because I missed him. Two years later and he just left for the army. But, he trusts me here and knows I'm not going to do anything bad to him. To me, that means a lot and it shows that he's come a long way. Reassure your bf and make sure he knows that you guys will be fine and will still talk to each other
@samson1 (738)
• Jamaica
26 Jun 12
Continue to re-assure him that you'll be ok. Also, let him know that even if correspondence will be limited during the period of your schooling, in the end, both of you will benefit the completion of your studies.
• United States
21 Jun 12
its okay happens to everybody