Do you think that you will alive tomorrow

June 21, 2012 12:50am CST
I just want to know, how people think about their lives. Everybody is quiet busy in the work. Students are thinking to grow faster get higher degrees and get a good job, engineers are thinking to design an innovative structure, scientist are trying to discover new things but has anybody thought that he or she will be alive by tomorrow. How would you think about you life.
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@jaiho2009 (39019)
• Philippines
21 Jun 12
Who knows about tomorrow right? But, if everyone will think that tomorrow never comes, what will gonna happen then? If you stop thinking that the world will end tomorrow, then sit there and have your family with you, hug each other ,eat , dine, be merry since tomorrow never comes. But- no one knows aint? People think about their future and not just tomorrow. People plan, save and dream for their future- human instinct and thinking. There is nothing wrong thinking or saving for tomorrow that no one knows what gonna happen. What matters most is- at least do good things today and if you cannot afford to do good things, at least never do wrong to other people.