It's so hard to not think about getting one of his letters :(

United States
June 21, 2012 4:22pm CST
I haven't heard from my boyfriend in a week and I can't help but think about it. Last week I got a letter on Monday and then I was surprised when I got another one that Thursday. My spirits lifted and I thought that maybe our communication would get quicker, but this week has left me feeling a bit disappointed. I know I shouldn't always think about getting a letter and that I should just forget about it and be surprised when I do get one. But when I don't hear from him for a week, I just feel sad. It's hard to not talk to my best friend and love. I just hope that he's getting all my letters and everything is ok with him. I'm sure he's just busy, but I do wish I just had a letter so I could hear from him. Maybe tomorrow will bring me more luck
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• Lenox, Georgia
22 Jun 12
I'm sorry. =( It most likely is what you said. I know when my brother was in basic he would send my sis in law letters about every 2 weeks, sometimes sooner if he had time. It is normal even though it is hard. I hope you get a letter soon so you can be happy and your spirits can be lifted. =) You are a strong person.
• United States
22 Jun 12
Thank you :) I definitely feel stronger and I've been dealing with this better than I imagined I would. I'm used to getting a letter about once a week from him and I just get kind of sad when it takes a few days longer. I know he makes time for me no matter what and I'm just hoping to hear from him soon.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
22 Jun 12
I know how it feels. I also feel worried and sad each time I missed talking with him. But there are times that he is too busy and need sometime so I must keep a distant sometimes. And then, hope that the next day he is not busy and we can talk for a while..that's love
@chicgale (2982)
• Philippines
21 Jun 12
Don't be sad. Like what you said, he might be very busy that's what he couldn't write you. Just think positive and everything will turn out fine.