O'K Spinille just tell Sam where Heather was seen that night

@stealthy (8188)
United States
June 21, 2012 6:08pm CST
Then maybe Sam can start putting things together when she realizes that Heather was there near where she lost her baby. I'm just sorry that Todd will suffer, too. If it hadn't have been for Heather and his not wanting Tea to suffer any more, he wouldn't have switched the babies. They should also be able to figure out who was in the car with Heather a lot quicker than it seems they are going to.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
22 Jun 12
Give them a little more time...they will figure it out! But then, Heather will find out that they know and try to kill one or both and Jason will find out and save them...thus putting him and Sam back together with their child. I am tired of Heather already. She was fun at first, but now, just annoying. All she does is go around and kill or knock people out! Drag them off and keep them captive! That's all Heather ever did! They'd better do better with the writing or the show could be cancelled this september...I'm bored with it. Ana Devaine as Commish/chief....good grief...not again! The is a terrible character! And they'd better do something with Maxie..have her take over Crimson and make it a huge sucess or something like that...have Lulu leave the cop crib and make Haunted Star a sucess with Johnny. And PLEASE send Sonny and whichever woman he is with AWAY for awhile!!! A long while! What a stupid character Sonny has turned out to be AND WHO THE HECK IS TENDING TO THE "BUSINESS"?!!! It's all just a bunch of mish-mass right now. Sam and SPenilli are the only storyline that is worth watching! Luke? all he does is get knocked out and kidnapped and held captive by a woman!! usually it is Helena, but this time...Heather.