Excuses of PTC owners before they go scam

Calgary, Alberta
June 21, 2012 6:46pm CST
This discussion is a tribute to all scam ptc sites that scammed us, hi bubblews admins [i]Gagabux-People we will pay you, we slow down our payment process because there are cheaters. My reply, you are the cheaters! [/i] NaughtyNNice PTC- I have an accident, then while I was in the hospital my house is robbed. This sob story can win American Idol for sure. Gdollars-*site closes* then *opens again* Your account is deleted and admin pretends to be new person and new owner as it opened and says the dept of the former admin is not my responsibility. (he is the same person) clickforpenny- (after being a member for a year) sorry we wont pay you, we only Pay Americans and Canadians. a ptc I forgotten- Admin: I am dead May I rest in peace (updates her twitter account 7 months later) Icyblueclicks- you are not following our rules (I follow their rules) ---- A Ptc owner named Debbie: I am going to China to teach english, K,tnx bai! ----- What are the excuses of those PTC's that use to pay you before they transitioned into a scam.?
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