Romney Campaign Tells Florida Governor to "Tone Down" Talk About Economy!

@anniepa (27240)
United States
June 23, 2012 1:02pm CST
It seems that Mitt Romney has a bit of a conflict going on as he campaigns in the swing states with Republican governors. He's been staying on his talking points about how President Obama has made the recession worse and done nothing to bring unemployment while at the same time some of these GOP governors have been touting their states' improving numbers. These states include Ohio, Virginia and Florida, where it's been reported that Governor Scott has been told to "tone down" talk of the job gains! What's a good GOP nominee to do? What's a good GOP Governor to do, for that matter? The unemployment rates in the above swing states and several others have dropped considerable and these numbers can be directly tied to President Obama's stimulus plan. Obviously, the Governors can't come right out and admit that, although some have conceded they've been helped by the stimulus. So, what should Romney be saying? Annie
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@crossbones27 (22335)
• Redlands, California
27 Jun 12
Here is what Romney should be saying. I have no plan what so ever. I can tell you what I am going to do in office if I get there but it is not my plan. It is what the far right wing wants and what Wall Street and every other big corporate or wealthy person tells me is what I am going to do. Sorry Annie me and you both know what will transpire if Romney gets in the White-house. It will have nothing to do with telling the truth to the American people. It has nothing to do if those states got better under Obama's stimulus. It has nothing to do if those GOP candidates actually used the money right and that is why there states are doing better. It is just about getting Romney what he wants so they can continue the Bush tax cuts and deregulation's on steroids.
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@anniepa (27240)
• United States
27 Jun 12
I really don't have much to add to that, crossbones, you've said it all! People on the right like to talk about how we're "losing" our liberties but if Romney gets elected and subsequently gets to appoint a Supreme Court Justice or two and if the GOP keeps control of the House and gains control of the Senate we can truly say goodbye to our democratic republic. There will be little point of voting; we'd just as well allow corporate interests and the military industrial complex to choose our lawmakers. Annie