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@JDaw2006 (428)
United States
June 23, 2012 11:09pm CST
My throat just started hurting tonight out of no where. I had a head ack before the kids went to bed. Could it be that the kids were just being really really bad tonight and i was raising my voice alot tonight and thats the reason why it hurts tonight. Anyone now what i can do to make it stop hurting? It is very uncoffortable. Not even sure if i can sleep tonight.
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@Mashnn (4503)
24 Jun 12
There are two possible reason that can cause your throat to ache. One maybe you injured your vocal cord if you were shouting for a long time and the other one would be infection. If the pain persists, it is much better if you could consult a physician.
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@JDaw2006 (428)
• United States
24 Jun 12
Yeah i was thinking last night that it was just from shouting all day. But then when i got up this morning and it was still hurting im thinking that it is something else. I am going to give it another day or so and then if its not any better then i will go to the doctor. Thanks for your post and your thoughts.