LISTENING to other Contestants 's studio songs

Phillip's best darn look - .......Winner
June 23, 2012 11:38pm CST
Hello Lotters, It's been weeks since Season 11 was over, which was my ever first time ever got addicted to. I've gone into appreciating and admiring Jessica's latest exposures when it comes to interviews and sing gigs, lately pacman-bradley fight. But with that, I've decided to make a bit of withdrawal from the Bluejay mania and decided to checked other contestants songs. because I've actually found a way to download it for my own entertainment. SHOCKING! One thing I realized, if the song was sung completely you'd realize the huge difference. Seriously, Jessica didn't have an impact on me on all of her Studio songs, except Change Nothing. what gave me impact to was Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet and Finally, PHILLIP PHILLIPS! I felt calm when i hear most of Phillip Phillip's music now a days. No, it's not the looks guys come on. Cavanagh's Roll in the Deep keep my ears ringing as i repeat it. then, Colton's Decode, Everything and Love the way you Lie to me. I've also listened much to Joshua' No more Drama and When a man Love's a woman. I agree now that Jessica's style is something that's been seen before..but for Phillip, is something they didn't see more often.American's do want to see something different, and they saw it in Phillip, no doubt he won and i believe there was never such thing as rigged. I'm looking forward to see their MUSIC VIDEOs. Sorry, I should have been listening a lot more...but am only human and Jessica is Filipino =D
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