Enthusiasm leads to impulsivity.

@didi13 (2927)
June 24, 2012 12:55pm CST
Enthusiasm leads to impulsivity. That's the conclusion I reached a long time but now I do it and write. More specifically, whenever you interested in something, you want to do something, you have energy and feel like you do and there's the one thing you do with pleasure, you rev up. That rush to do it quickly, not wasting time and have the satisfaction that you went quickly and well to complete an activity that was important to you. So far, I see what's wrong. It is said that the spoils rush thing. So it is, not be ... depends. When you care, you're excited. When you're excited, are impulsive. When you are impulsive, rushing to do. When you hurry, you rev up / stress. When you rev up, does not really thing out well ... Sometimes it's not easy to reconcile rush thing. That is to learn to be patient, do not worry and think a bit before you throw, impulsive, in a deal. And sometimes it does not hurt to ask, is worth?
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25 Jun 12
I would've to agree! Sometimes I get too excited or too enthusiastic about something I'm planning to do that I end up doing something impulsively. Then I realize more often than not that I should've spent some time thinking about it before I did it.
@savypat (20246)
• United States
24 Jun 12
Many of those who teach us to live within the Spirit teach that balance is a very important thing in life. I believe this, but have noticed in our very busy life style it is very easy to be swept from side to side as this happens we get caught in the waves and pretty soon are at their mercy, being thrown back and forth totally out of control. It's very hard to get back to calm once you have allowed yourself to be swept along.