Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

June 24, 2012 6:10pm CST
Do you think that honesty should always be used in all cases? For some people they believe a white lie will do them no harm. For example business or sales people may lie about something such as why a product is faulty, why they were late to a meeting. Employees may lie about why they were off work or were late. Some even lie on their CV's and at interviews to get a job. How would anyone find out if the person lied in these cases? How about if a someone asked for feedback and the person was scared about offending them so lied? I think this would be really wrong because if a person really wanted feedback and didn't want to say anything negative when they had a negative experience or feedback then this wouldn't help the person to improve when it is obvious they would want to. Lets fasce it. Everyone has lied about something in their life. What do you guys think? Ever lied about something? What happened? Did you get found out? Was it worth it?
3 responses
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
28 Jun 12
When it comes to a job interview we really can't be 100% honest. We have to see if there's any harm in what we say that it's true or not, but I believe more in life about we being completely honest, in the end real friends will remain.
@jayaramas (1358)
• Bangalore, India
28 Jun 12
i believe in truth only. lie will die one day.even i am suffering with truth because many people are dishonest. we have to live with them. But if you start dishonest living, initially you fell that you are enjoying . but after some months or years, you will start to live in irreversible unhappiness!
• United States
24 Jun 12
To me the truth has value and lies destroy. Its better to not give in to our feeling but in love tell the truth