Growing Tendencies Of Wrong Doings In Children

Thiruvananthapuram, India
June 25, 2012 12:33am CST
Children of the generation...they are bent upon developing violent instincts.It is frightening to watch newspaper headlines testifying incidents along these lines.From where does these criminal outlooks creep into our children? It is high time the parents look into this matter with diligence and care. The children of today are in fact noble citizens of tomorrow. Every society across different cultures should be proud of the upbringing of children since they are a nation's future assets. The ills causing this threat to thrive have to be identified and nipped entirely from the face of the society as well as human race .
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• Philippines
25 Jun 12
I agree with you. I think that children with violent behavior should be punished without bias. But it is also wise to know the source of the violence so that we may take charge and fix the problem. The source of violence of children which is the most common is the television. Little children watch violent movies that they like to imitate since they regard those violent people (the violent ones + evil) as cool people. So i guess we should take charge and fix it while it is still early before it's too late. Well, have a great day!