Why is Call of Duty so popular?

San Leandro, California
June 25, 2012 4:24am CST
I swear I'm not trying to start a flame war but I am genuinely curious. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of the Call of Duty series but it has had its moments in the past. I just don't find much variation in the Call of Duty games any more. I mean sure it's got a new campaign but I don't hear many people actually playing the campaign and then the multiplayer is only ever so slightly tweaked and given slightly different guns and new maps, I'm just not seeing what's so great about it. Can anyone explain?
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• United States
23 Aug 12
Call of Duty is popular because people like to play online multiplayer, that is the main draw of the franchise.
• United States
26 Jun 12
I think there are a few reasons; I will try to be as objective as possible seeing as how I am a fan of the series. I think it has to do with the fact that the series, especially the Modern Warfare subseries, has a lot of blockbuster-type action in it. Like a big budget blockbuster movie, these games give us a sense of excitement that we sometimes get from the big movies that we like to watch. Every scene/level in the game has a lot of these elements going on which help us enjoy it. There is also a sense of competition in the multiplayer that gives gamers the ability to get competition from other players; there is a social aspect to it all. I personally play both; I enjoy multiplayer although I am an average player at best, and I do get down and play the campaigns for the fun and the story. I think it just depends on what you like to play, but for me the game/series is a lot of fun.
• San Leandro, California
27 Jun 12
I see where your coming from and I myself had quite a lot of fun with the series, especially World at War with it's introducing of Nazi Zombies. The thing that confuses me the most really is when people get the high-and-mighty idea that Call of Duty (whichever) is the best game ever. I recall when Modern Warfare 2 was coming out, many diehard fans claimed that it was going to be the best game ever, then they said the same thing about Black Ops, and then the same was said (just a tad bit less this time round) for Modern Warfare 3. I don't mean to hate on the game, it's pretty good taken at base value.
• India
14 Nov 12
I never liked Call of Duty because they have a very poor graphics.If you compare it with battlefield series,battlefield is a lot more better.
4 Sep 12
there are many reasons.i m too a great fan of cod.the mst biggest reason that i think is the awsome story and script.i personally like call of duty developed by tryench rather then activision brcause tryench have made dialogues more heart touching.the other reason is game play and multiplayer.due to god multiplayer it recieved good rating and the game play also contributed most.
• Australia
26 Jun 12
It's mainly either because it makes people feel powerful (i.e. when they kill many enemies) or they feel a sense of achievement when they move up the ranks. The latter is what games try to make people feel and keep their audiences addicted to their game. Call of Duty has the 'Prestige' system where everything is reset and people feel like they achieve something when they complete everything again.