m;y eyes are hurting again

@hotsummer (10466)
June 25, 2012 9:49am CST
i can't stand looking too long on the monitor screen. i can take a look about 10 seconds only and look away again from the screen. that is why i am just closing my eyes while posting here. i just take a quick glance of my post to see any mistake and edit then close my eyes again while i am typing .so i can relax my eyes well. i cna't look at the screen of the computer, tablet or even cellphone too long. because the brightness and the sensitivity on the bright screen. even if i deemed the screen brightness it sitll hurt somehow. so i have no other choice than either limit my use of computer or just minimize the amoutn of time i would look at the screen.
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• United States
25 Jun 12
I thought I read you also have a laptop at home. Why can't you just use that and put this thing away from your sight.
@hotsummer (10466)
• Philippines
25 Jun 12
indeed, i am not using the tablet now for my posting. but sometimes i get so tempted to use it again. anyway, i feel so rested now. i have just woke up and my eyes feel so refreshed and can see things clearly again and the redness is gone. i think the screen monitor does make my eyes dry for some reasons. as i was given an eye drops that says Lubricant on the carton. so now i am hpapy using the laptop as i can look far away while typing . although my fingers would get tired if i used the keyboard. but i need to protect my eyes more now. so i am back to typing with physical keyboard once again.
• India
25 Jun 12
Most of us people use computer and many other appliances for hours with on breaks. Really our eyes takes a lot of strain. This may be the reason why you have such a eye problem. Consulting your eyes to a good doctor can solve all wor problem.