Permission to Smoke...

@jsae29 (1122)
June 25, 2012 10:48pm CST
If your teenage son ask permission to smoke, would you allow him? My 13 year old son has been asking me questions about smoking. I am afraid that he would soon ask me if he could try. I really don't want him to smoke, but I'm afraid that stopping him would make him more curious. What should I tell him? Should I allow him to try?
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26 Jun 12
That would be a huge no. I am a smoker I started at 12 years old and only stopped when I found out that I was pregnant. Both of my kids see me and their dad smoke and both have said they will never try it. You can tell him all the health facts, but he is going to have to make his own choices. Tell him how much it costs if you smoke. Tell him how it makes your clothes and everything you own smell like smoke and that a lot of people do not want to be around that. It is very addicting and I have tried so many times to stop. He will make his own choice, but you can help in giving him the health facts and all the facts that go beyond the surgeon general.
• United States
28 Jun 12
No. I would not give my son permission to smoke. I would show him pictures of diseased lungs from smoking. How unhealthy it is. And if he still wanted to smoke I still wouldn't give him permission. Its bad for his health. And its so hard to quit once addicted. Its stinky. There are so many reasons not to start smoking.