Why do people always like a hypocrite?

June 26, 2012 3:28am CST
When i entered the company where i am working now, i knew a person who was my workmate. She was a tender girl in my first sight, she looked like a good person. So i decided to make friends with her. But when i became know her well, i felt sad. When our boss was in the company, she pretend so busy and so hard working, but when our boss was out, she became so different: eating snacks while watching moives. At this kind of time when she's watching movies, if there's someone rang her or talk with her about the business would make her angry, then she would wrestling the phone. The most supernatural thing was that my boss like her so much. Beacuse he alwys saw the best side of her. What a hypocrite. I never know that a girl can be like her! And i never know that a hypocrite can be so puplar.
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@512771751 (1096)
• China
27 Jun 12
There are too many hypocrites as her. The same as you, I have met such hypocrite too. I really have no way about him. Maybe it is the method to get the boss' appreciation for her. Tell you a effective method, when your boss is in the company, try to show your ability and let your boss know you have done a lot of work for the company.
@shylade (3137)
• Philippines
27 Jun 12
Oh, that's pretty sad but don't worry there is no secret that won't come out. Soon your boss will know how this girl's real attitude is. I always believe that life is an echo, whatever you give, life you give it back to you. So that girl will have her own medicine soon.
@Mashnn (4503)
26 Jun 12
There are many people like her. Doing opposite of what they are just because they want someone to appreciate them but in reality, they are very different. It does not help at all and won't last for a long time. Soon the boss will realize the truth about her.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
26 Jun 12
It is really sad that there are people like these amongst us, and what's more saddening is that these people are sometimes praised and glorified more often than those who truly are better persons than them. I like to believe that eventually, all this things will catch up to them and they will fall harder. I am not one to wish a person's demise but I truly believe in the law of equal and opposite reaction. I just hope they see the error of their ways before it is too late.