Marriage or no marriage?

June 26, 2012 5:43am CST
Many young people,or even the adults got divorce and leave other person and no legal marriage and its okay to them. They just want want no marriage,because in times come like when they are in trouble of living with,it is easy to break up. What do you think of this?marriage or not marriage to you?
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@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
28 Jul 12
I have been married. In marriage do not always go well. There must be a problem in the marriage. I try to analyze the marriage as God's work. We have been commissioned by God to coexist. Why God doesn't choose anyone else among us? Because God knows best for everyone. Divorce happens because there is a denial.
• Philippines
12 Aug 12
Been married here too before but sad to say didn't work good:( Compare to my sister she's not married but so happy with her life with someone she loved most :)
• United States
26 Jun 12
To me? I'm for marriage. But each person has the right to choose for themselves.
• Philippines
28 Jun 12
Yes true,every person in the world had the choices,either they wanted to get married or not. I am also for marriage.
• Australia
7 Oct 12
God created man ....male and female he created...and established the covenant of marriage.But man after becoming sinful...has always tried to break this covenant... We can remain married or unmarried our Paul the apostle of Jesus said but if we keep affairs out of marriage or give divorce except the other partner has done adulteration...then we are fornicator.
@trisha27 (3498)
• United States
26 Sep 12
I believe that there should be a marriage. Just because you are making a commitment to that person to be with them no matter what. That is if you are going to live with that person. But it also I believe is the choice of those people that are involved with the relationship.
• China
25 Sep 12
marriage is a responsibility,if we think we can't have the responsibility,we can't get marroged,if we get marriged,we can't hastily decide to divoce,it is my idea.good luck!
• Philippines
24 Sep 12
I am for marriage. Because God created it. And I strongly believe that if God created something, it is for our benefit. It is actually ( If I may dare say) a deception from the devil that living with a person outside marriage is more beneficial. God created us to be in marriage with a person we love and who loves us back. We can only have true happiness if we are going to live the way God wants us to live. That is where true freedom is. :D
@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
24 Sep 12
I am for marriage and I think people who just break up for silly reasons weren't meant to be are mature enough to handle trying times. I also do think if a person decide to divorce because they no longer love the person are its abusive situation then they should do that because that would no be healthy for anyone .
@bknpk333 (37)
• Pakistan
17 Sep 12
I do vote for marriage... Either it is partnership or legal relation whatever you call it but the fact is that being married gives you a sense of satisfaction that there is someone who is a part of my life. Without whom i am not complete or my life is nothing without him/her. I agree break up from marriage is complex and time taking process. But in the meantime both parties got a chance to get together again. whereas relations without marriage is like a glass that could broke even with a small mistake.
5 Sep 12
well befrindwithme26 according to my point of view its not an easy one to leave such a person to whom you are personally affiliated to such a long time,and marriage is a bridge by crossing that those two become one,any in that world no other feeling like that,,,
@fantabulus (4005)
• India
18 Aug 12
Even the divorce cases is increasing marriage is the important part of our life. Because our parents cant support whole life to us and one partner is must.
18 Aug 12
Marriage is more than a bit of paper contract thing. It is true that the paper part is very important in case there is a break up but in reality it is seen as a ceremonial thing. It is not the legal binding that brings a man and woman together through getting married. Both partners need to work at marriage. Mutual understanding, respect, trust and love are keys to a successful marriage. I have always believed that marriage is the best thing for a man and woman.
• Burkina Faso
26 Jul 12
Hello, Many people these days are not getting married at all because they do not need a ring around their finger to symbolize how they feel. With the statistics of divorce as high as they are, it makes sense to not get married or to wait ALONG time between the engagement and an actual wedding. Divorce can be expensive and most people cant afford it, so its easier for them to avoid it all together. My mom and my dad are divorced, and I know it was a messy and expensive situation. My mother is now getting remarried next year and she has been engaged for FIVE YEARS! This shows how long people are waiting to get married. Personally, I want to get married when I am older. But it has to be with the right person because I want it to be a one time thing. No divorces for me. Have a good night/day!
• Philippines
9 Jul 12
For me, it's marriage because we need to someone who we love and who will take care of us until the day we die.
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
27 Jun 12
For me, today i vote not marriage, because the rules are too complex for simple person like me. Maybe i have to take a law school before i got married, because i need to know what's the government want us to do when we are married. But if i take a law school, i probably graduate when i'm already a senior citizen. So No thank's...
• United States
26 Jun 12
For me I never wanted to be married, until I had children, then I felt like it was a must. In the courts it is just easier if things don't work out, if you are married with children. I am not saying that means everyone has to be married. Each person has to decide for themselves but I am happily married with two children.