Face is index of mind (chehara man ka darpan hota hai)

June 26, 2012 6:45am CST
we can guess the person and his/her personality by his or her face and most of the time our guess would be right and sometime we may fail to guess because of some reasons. I think, we can guess personality by his or her eyes mostly because eye conveys most of the things. Body language is also important like smile, voice, shoulders etc. Some people can read others by body language but some people can’t. people should have this skill in day to day life because there are a lot of fraud people, bluff masters and cons who deceive people daily. Salesman is person who deceives people by selling his product and his body language plays an important role in it. Why we should have this quality?
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• India
26 Jun 12
Hello GajaGamini , I do believe that face is an index of your mind. All our worries and happiness will always be reflected on our face. I am very proud to say that I can read my best friends mind by looking into their faces. If they are suffering from something I will help them with out waiting for their request .
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• Bangladesh
27 Jun 12
Its great of you help your distressed friends so before they ask for. Thanks
• India
27 Jun 12
yes, Wonderboy. Face is an index of mind and and all our worries, tension, health, happiness, sorrow, anger, and other emotions come on our face when we feel or go through. we can catch if anyone try to pretend happy or sad we can see it in his or her eyes because our eyes do not carry those feeling which we try to pretend or we can easily catch it when we see anything different like we can catch our friend is really laughing on out joke or just pretending. I also can catch my friends when they pretend or try to fool me. @kashidanga yes, we can catch our friends because we always live with them and we know what kind of nature they have.