Why we Study in College?

June 26, 2012 9:59am CST
Study for the sake to obtain a degree - That is my first reason. Having a degree will help us to have a good career and with high and stable salary. Through it, we can be able to become the ONE than to become NOBODY. Am I right? How about you?
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@factorial (982)
• Philippines
26 Jun 12
I took up a college degree so that I can have a good-paying job for a living. Now I am enjoying my career as a university professor...
• Philippines
26 Jun 12
Wow! that is pretty cool job.
• India
27 Jun 12
I think that knowledge and learning is the consolation prize. In today's economy i feel the college has become what people feel as a necessity , told from a young age that going to college is how we will have a better paying job , a better life, a nice car, and a home. Back in the day college was more or less or even more of a elite , but i think that is becoming a basic requirement for even lower or any kind of jobs. It may be true that over qualification is creating hard entry in lower level jobs, however people with no degrees are suffering the hardest. I am a college student , and as much as i love the knowledge and learning for its own sake, i think the need for a "BETTER" life is what drives us.
@GemmaR (8526)
26 Jun 12
I think that one of the best things that we can do in life is learn, and going to college can allow us to do this in a controlled way. Getting a degree means that everyone knows that we are knowledgable about a certain subject, and that we are competent to work in a certain field. I have just gained a degree and I am already looking forward to getting a job related to that degree because of the fact that I worked so hard to get it so I will look forward to getting the benefits that a degree like the one I've got can bring.