Is computer becoming an addiction

@jayaramas (1358)
Bangalore, India
June 26, 2012 10:23am CST
Most of us are using computer for almost every thing. i think we are using it more than required? are we addicted to it? or is it really helping us in all fields? Here i am referring computer to represent the use of internet also.
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@blebchel (249)
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
internet has been part of my life. Through it, i was able to know the different ways on how to earn for living.
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
28 Jun 12
I think computers and hand held devices are becoming an addiction. Everyone has them, literally! I have a PC, but only a "no data" cell phone and just got on after not having one for a year and only my kids demanded I get one or they wouldn't be calling me on the landline...texting only! Since the internet can be accessed with a cell phone (okay, iphone, droid or whatever!) it goes anywhere. You can literally almost do anything on it! I read where some guy stayed in his house for 30 days...and it was empty and he lived and got what he needed online and never left the house! At the time I thought, no way. But now...WAY!!! You can have groceries delivered to your home! Only thin I can think it doesn't do is your hair and makeup! But then can find someone to come do that for you! So many things are going "out of style" cause the mobile cell p hone can do it all...and that is the sad part. How dependent this country and even the world is on the internet. Boy, want to cause havoc...knock down an internet "phonepole". Talk about crippling the country! That is really scarry and I just don't see why people haven't seen and do something in case that were to happen. And the internet has put so many people out of work. Big thing don't have to go to the bank anymore, just do it "online". And customer service? Now it is " go to your web site at Not, call customer service..cause no one will be t here to answer your call!
@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
28 Jun 12
yeah, i think people are becomming addicted to the use of the internet. we all are probably aware of its existence, have used it, for so many things and in almost every aspect of our lives - homeworks in school, communication with friends, and family, we use it at work and that is everyday, almost 8 hours of the time and we use it for pleasure, such as browsing the web, facebook and so many other more hobbies there is like games.. some even replaced games at home by using online games! he he computer did change a lot of what people are nowadays. we are so very lucky to have this, but a bit unlucky at times too that we have become too dependent of it that when we are unable to go online we feel we are bored, we have nothing to do and so on...
@SinfulRose (3529)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Jun 12
Maybe...I am using my computer more than necessary in order to earn myself money online as well as update myself to news. I don't know about others but contrary to what you've mentioned there, my field of profession (supposed to be) is all about computers. It's my job to fix them and program them to be of some use to some other people. My constant use of my computer is really helping me on my field. If I wanted to learn how to draw, I can always go to sites of Manga/Comics; If I want to learn more about programming, I can always get some free tutorials online instead of getting a course for myself and disburse money; If I want to earn money then I go to sites where I can earn money. Instead of just an addiction, I have made it that my usage of computer is not for entertainment only.
• United States
26 Jun 12
I think we are becoming addicted to computers and the internet, even saying an internet connection is a basic right. No matter what your age is we are all using computers, getting lazier and lazier as time goes on, myself included. For many people the internet is their lives, they may even spend more time on it then sleeping. The internet is taking over every aspect of our lives, and I am not sure what to do about it.
@GemmaR (8526)
26 Jun 12
I think that there are far too many people who are addicted to using their computer these days. The problem is that we need our computer for everything that we do, and this can mean that we spend more time on it than we should be doing. Once you get on the internet, it can be tempting to stay there looking for various things for the rest of the night, and it is far too tempting so a lot of people will just choose to do this and before they know it they will have wasted too much time on the internet and it is time to have dinner and go to bed again.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
26 Jun 12
Yes, I personally believe that computer is now more an addiction than a necessity.