i have to put name on my toothbrush

@hotsummer (10444)
June 26, 2012 6:08pm CST
since i have noticed that my sister has the exact kind of toothbrush and same color and brand that i am using. i need to put a name on my tooth brush so that i would know that i am using the same toothbrush always. so there won't be confusion. because she forgot where she placed her toothbrush and she bought new one and end up using or buying the same kind that i am using. we usually hide our toothbrush in different place. but there are times when we get lazy , we leave the toothbrush on the sink only.
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@Harold_ks (1674)
27 Jun 12
Yeah, that would be a good idea since you have exactly the same toothbrush. And it can also helps if you will continue your practice of putting yours in different location from your sister's toothbrush. Have a great day!
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
26 Jun 12
It is a good idea to make some marks to distinguish the same kind of stuff so that you won't make a mistake. There were a few times that I took my wife's toothbrush instead when they were exactly the same brand and the same color, but now we use a different color. This way I can always tell which is mine. Have a good day, hotsummer.