What I believe truly makes a friend.

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June 26, 2012 11:33pm CST
My friends are everything to me, and if someone is harming them in any way, I'll always be there to help them out in any possible way I can. A friend to me is someone that goes above and beyond what a friend is said to be. If I can't be there physically, I'll be there emotionally. A true friend is always there to hear about your day, help the things that happened during your day look better in the end, help you with any support you feel you need/deserve, or just be there to give them the latest gossip on a friend or classmate. Seriously, being a friend is totally taken for granted if you ask me. I figured out that after high school, you truly know who your real friends are, and trust me, it's so true. I'm currently in college and there are people that I thought I'd never lose contact with, but you are always proven wrong when you are out of the "school friendship" zone. Once high school is, so are friendships. If you are still friends with someone you've known for years, you can be sure that they shall be there for many more years to come. So my fellow myLotters, what is your take on friendship?? :)
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@marrie1 (256)
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27 Jun 12
I'm not a very good maker of friends as I'm a very serious person, but I do agree 100 percent with what you say. All we can do is our best at that thing we call friendship