What do you think about froced abortion in China?

June 27, 2012 3:25am CST
A young mother was forced to abort her baby seven months in to the pregnancy, due to China's one child limit law, which was encfored many years ago to control the rapid growth of population. The mother is so distraught over the loss of the baby, she once attempted to suicide. This matter has arouse may concern and discussion in and out this country. I think this abortion is a murder and totally against humanity. The one-child limit should be canceled as soon as possible by the Chinese government. I am so sorry for the mom and the baby. so what is your opinion about the forced abortion?
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@PageTurner (2827)
• United States
28 Jun 12
This is horrible news, jianghongzhi I am heartbroken over the mother who had to endure this great, irreplaceable loss and for the father as well. My heart is full of so much sorrow that they have been abused in this way.
@Mashnn (4503)
27 Jun 12
This is violations of human right. No one should be forced to undertake an abortion. An innocent child should not be killed just because of one child policy.
@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
27 Jun 12
We have different views on this because abortion is legal in China so they will strictly enforce it. I come from a country where abortion is not allowed. It's not that I like abortion but it is their law and they have to abide to it. Maybe their population is fast growing that is why they have to resort to that procedure though it is illegal to other countries. What we can do as of now is to pray that there will be some alternatives other than abortion.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
27 Jun 12
Jesus Christ. I'm actually pro-choice, but abortion should only be committed when the mother chooses that AND before the 3rd month! 7 months... that's horrible. The baby has developed so much, and I'm pretty sure they caused serious damage in the woman's organs by doing that so late. I kind of understand why they inttoduced the one child rule, but there should be better options to decrease the population. Like tax reduction for families with one child or so. This is just cruel.
@syramoon (655)
• United States
27 Jun 12
I am double minded about this. I understand that China has the biggest population of any country and the government is most likely concerned that there won't be enough resources if everyone has a bunch of babies. I've always wondered why after a man has his first child they don't just make him get a vasectomy. But on the other hand I think it's wrong to think they have the write to control what is happening to another's body. It's the woman's body - so I'm torn at what to think on it, because it's no easy answer to it.