the amazing spider man

June 27, 2012 9:56am CST
does the amazing spider man story is same as the old spider man series? Why the cast is changed for the new one..?? why didn't they continued the old series..??
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@rodnac (187)
• Australia
29 Jun 12
I think it will be a different kind of spiderman, most likely closer to the comic book. Instead of spiderman using an organic web, he uses an artificial web shooter. They really want to start fresh so they cast a different actor to play spiderman as a sign of a reboot of the film. The familiar cast are gone like Tobey Macguire, who plays Peter Parker/Spiderman. They didn't continue from the old one might be because they run out of ideas, for example they pretty much used up all of the good villains in spiderman. They should have separated Venom and The sandman into different movies.
• San Leandro, California
27 Jun 12
This story is vastly different than the original three movies. One reason why the cast is changed is because Tobey Maguire isn't as fit as he was when he played Peter/Spidey. Instead of continuing the original movies they probably figured that a reboot would get more money than making a fourth sequel.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
27 Jun 12
It is indeed a good question and I believe I have my opinions about it. First, I think they wanted to remake the story based on the original comics. Second, I think they didn't have a good story for a sequel to the previous Spiderman so they decided to remake it all and do it carefully this time. Now of course, one good reason would be profit. A reboot means more sequels and if this one turns out to be a blockbuster hit, then this and the sequels will really pay out.
@kapil11 (247)
• India
27 Jun 12
I guess not,the producers,directors couldn't get the story going for the next part as all spiderman story had been finished in it's last part,so to still make money by using the word"spiderman" they have come up with the next story and the next series plus all the cast members has been changed in this series
@arunr175 (1679)
• India
27 Jun 12
Spiderman movies has just got a reboot, they wanted to have a fresh start to the series that's why all this changes is made ...