June 27, 2012 4:29pm CST
i thought swearing was banned on youtube? i mean, some of my favorite youtuber's swear every other word but i thought that was banned. is it? and some people say like f****** f*** F***! i wonder if someone flags them or if any one does somthing about it. i find that people can be super funny without swearing every other sentence. so i would support a video that i wouldnt be embarassed about watching around my dad or scared of him seeing me watching it. what do you think?
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@mutchy126 (317)
11 Nov 12
Cursing is allowed on YouTube.
• Philippines
21 Jul 12
I thought so too. I have a favorite comedian in Youtube that I always watch a lot. She swears a lot too but I don't get embarrassed since I use headphones. I suggest you use headphones too.
29 Jun 12
Swearing / cussing has always been allowed on youtube. Only time it was an issue was if you didn't have an account when the video got flagged for 'offensive language' you'd have to sign into an account to continue watching. What I would prefer though as the swearing doesn't bother me is if they'd do something about the continual racism in both videos at times and comments more importantly. Seems its getting more and more 'popular' to be racist I guess....
@rodnac (187)
• Australia
29 Jun 12
Yea watching a great Youtube videos with no swearing because you can show it to your parent and younger siblings without any worries. I do think that they are allowed to swear in those videos. Some were censored like the ones from television. Anyway its best to have a head phone on when watching youtube videos because there might be some unexpected swearing in the video.
@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
28 Jun 12
I'm pretty sure swearing is allowed on youtube videos and comments. If it came from a TV show, then the swears would be bleeped out -- as long as it wasn't from a premium cable channel like HBO or Showtime. But other things would have the swear words being said out loud. I guess all you can do is not watch that person's videos anymore. Or listen to it wearing headphones so your father won't hear the swearing. I try my best to avoid watching videos with excessive swearing. I don't think swearing makes anything funnier. I really can't stand foul language.