easy peasy or accually hard?

June 27, 2012 4:42pm CST
making money when your a kid can be hard. before you are 14 or even after you become an adult. bottom line people want more money and less work that what is realistic. working online is a common opton but it really cant rake in too much cash. you have to join many sites and spen countless hours completing surveys to make a living. i have yet to find a site where i hav made some serious money. but it is a great place for kids or young adults, or even fully grown adults to make a little extra cash or spending money. for kids who already spend countless hours on the computer and dont have a day job these sites are a great opportunity!!! but as adults we most likely have a job and dont have time to go on here after work, or would rather relax after word. does anyone know a more productive way to earn money?
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@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
28 Jun 12
Dear friend, I could if we search we could get a better online work with good earnings. But time is another factor and our ability to do those online works. I feel those who need money would mostly like to get it with less effort or without effort including myself. There are lots of site but they all cannot pay better with less effort. I feel those articles publishing sites could pay better. Anyhow wish you all the best...