wonderful life!

@jazel_juan (15767)
June 27, 2012 7:13pm CST
Most often, i listen to music in the morning.. the music usually depend on my mood and this day, no matter how tired, life is wonderful. I listened to this song by Jason Mraz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OePehsIxREc&feature=related i love the lyrics, it is true! life is wonderful no matter how hard it is.. i love the part where it says, it takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is. WHICH IS TRUE! It takes some fear to know some trust... all of what is in the song is true right? but then it makes life wonderful. so i am still listening to this, brightening my mood and i know i'll have a wonderful day ahead.. have a nice day everyone!
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@thesids (22358)
• Bhubaneswar, India
28 Jun 12
Whoa, that is the greatest one to start my day I loved the vocals and specially the fact that he was using only the guitar. I must be finding out some more from him. I liked the adding of those... lalalala... and mmmm... they really made the song magical. Good Morning dear jazel.
@jazel_juan (15767)
• Philippines
28 Jun 12
Hi sids! Yes i love his song, that one in particular, it motivates me.. and he is right too, right? i mean this is a wonderful life no matter how difficult it gets.. glad you like it too sids.
@GardenGerty (100530)
• United States
28 Jun 12
The music we choose does set the tone for our day. It can do so even without the words, but when the music has meaningful words the lift is doubly good. I hope you are having a really pleasant day today. Our day is nearly over.
@jazel_juan (15767)
• Philippines
28 Jun 12
I am GG and looking forward to the day.. you have a good night GG
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
4 Jul 12
I love jason mraz too his lyrics often makes me realize how bitter life is and how bad we love someone and try to keep it his song gives me spirit too to go on in this life But i dont know any other song by him beside that you had mention, i am yours and i wont give up
@512771751 (1096)
• China
2 Jul 12
You are a so positive girl. That is good for life. Now I graduate from university and the coming days I will go to work, I hope I will be positive as you, have a wonderful life.