Me and my neighbours

June 28, 2012 1:04am CST
in my life i changed several residences (about 20) so far. unfortunately i never got even a single nice/friendly neighbour. i always had bad experiences as a neighbour. my neighbours were either cheaters, selfish (each one of us is selfish in some extend, including me), reserved (sometimes good to have privacy), noisy, fighters, beggars, unhelpfull, having bad habits or some kind of negativeness. what about your relations with neighbours ??? share your experiences....
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@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
15 Jul 12
Hi there! For the past 7 years, I also keeps on moving from one place to another and I also have different experiences with regards to my neighbors. But even if I am not close to them, I am not in bad relationship with them as well. I remember when I am still living in the province, I feel a closer relationship between neighbors and that they sometime share what they have to us and I do to. This is also the same in the place where I grew up... But now, since I am living in the city and in a subdivision, the people here are more busy and more private I guess that I seldom see them...I just see their helpers but I don't talk to them and I don't know them at all...hehe I don't mind such situation as long as they are not doing anything wrong to me and that we are all civil to each other...
28 Jun 12
well we have a very nice and friendly neighborhood were like family, every time there is an occasion in our house they come to help and we also do the same. We also have bible study every Saturday in which we give our opinions with each other and how we develop and improve our relationships as neighbors.