number one violator!

@0310mg (73)
June 28, 2012 5:56am CST
hello there, I am currently enrolled in a very keen-to-discipline-christian school and I sort of though I don't want to mean this, hate it! they have all these rules that made me feel more of a robot than human. My friends regard me as being rebellious but I can't just stand being like all are the same at a time. Sometimes I'm feeling guilty to anger.
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• China
10 Jul 12
hey, please don't be so sad. everyone may have an unhappy time. a strange place,no friends,and misunderstanding may make someone crazy, but you should know that if you can't change the environment you should change yourself.
@lady1993 (21050)
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
Then you should transfer to another school if you hate it there. The high school and elementary years are years that should be spent in a school that you like and people that you like.. since when you gt to college, everything is much more serious and hectic.